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Leadership Crisis Management

With the current phenomenal its not only related to health issue but its going to be on survival and financial fallout, as the after effects. Closing boarders and lockdown will create a great impact on the economy of the country. It's a challenge Leaders are going to face around the world. Organisation too face the same.And this is where Leadership abilities are proven. Many know what's to be done but a fraction Of them instead of helping, they create a panic atmosphere.What do employees expect from you at the time of crisis.

  1. Words of assurance That the situation is taken care of appropriately and they have the support from the organisation.

  2. Specify what are the measures. Provide them with information on updates of the company's affairs, be transparent.

Let your employees know what the organisation is going through Build the trust as a Leader. As its going to be a long term issue on their Payout and other issues related to it. They should be aware of their financial situation so as to plan their life. Everyone has his own crisis to solve "Crisis and dead locks when they occur have at least this advantage, they force us to think" - Jawaharlal Nehru.

Crisis Breakthrough Webinar

Lockdown are hard on everyone more on people with depression. When you are alone you mind wonders and you end up thinking of your past failures or calamity. This leads to depression. And for those who are already in It makes them feel even more, cry out your heart, it is the best medicine.

Always remember you are not alone call up your friends and family talk to them, listen to music as loud as you want to, most importantly Meditate. When you Meditate you will get rid of your old data’s stored in your mind. We have read a lot of News recently of number of suicides. That is not the answer to your failures, life is for us to live to the fullest. As especially to my young fellow beings please do not take that drastic step. Live your life and show your strength to the world.

Personality Development

Why is it given so much Importance these days? Because when someone meets us at any social Function. It’s our personality they notice, and they remember us. Therefore, to be successful in Life we should have a well-Polished character. So, can we change for the better? The answer is yes according to Psychology researchers. So, let’s reshape our Personality.

Employee Motivation

The success of every business depends upon many factors And the important one is its employees, as employees are pillars of any Organisation. If the employees are happy and motivated the business can achieve its goal much easily. So Employee Motivation is very important.

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Communication Skill

Developing strong communication skills is essential when it comes to building a successful career. But your communication skills play a key role in your private life too. Communication is like Lifeline of any Relation. When you stop communicating, You Start losing your Valuable relations. Learn about the most in-demand communication skills and how to improve them. 

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Pettycoat Policy

"Woman" the word remains us of mother a very important person in our lives. She has been managing the house hold & family single handed and yet humble but humiliated many a times. She is a true leader, yes the characteristic of Leadership is inborn.

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